DJ Cruss

DJ CrussSince 1988, DJ Cruss, have been one of Canada’s finest Dj’s. I grew up around music all of my life living in St. James, Jamaica and migrated to Canada in the eighties, with music still flowing through my veins. I started out in Montreal as a part of a sound crew by the name of Avenger which had a name change to Nighthawk in 1991 and i moved to Ottawa in the mid nineties.

Musically versatile, I have successfully set  the stage when it comes to entertaining both youth and adults; stimulating the mind, body and soul with an immense selection of music such as Reggae, Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, Soca, Calypso and Gospel both Ol’skool and the new skool my collection consists of music from all eras.


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